How To Play Fantasy Supercross & Motocross

Step #1: Choose your league series

The first step is to choose which series your league is going to follow. While this is technically Ultimate Fantasy Supercross, we also offer the ability to create a league that follows the AMA Motocross series!

Step #2: Choose between a Public or Private League

Now that you have chosen your series you can choose to create a Private League or join a Public League. With a Private League you can invite your closest friends directly to your league, configure rules like the type of league (Draft or Pickem), the number of riders per team, riders that can be in a lineup, etc. Whereas a Public League is wide open so you can be competing against anyone in the world in a classic Pickem style league.

  1. Create a Private League
  2. Join a Public League

Step #3a: Create a Private League

If a Private League is your jam, then you can configure your league to your liking!

  1. Choose the series your league is going to follow, Supercross or Motocross
  2. Select the type of league you want to create, Draft or Pickem. A Draft league requires that you hold a draft offline with all of the players in your league and no player can draft the same rider. It's very similar to your traditional Fantasy Football league. A Pickem league doesn't require a draft and each player simply picks the riders for their lineup each race. Think Pigskin Pickem but for moto.
  3. Select the number of players that will be in your league. We charge $30 dollars for you and up to 5 of your friends, each additional player is $5/player.
  4. For Draft leagues you can select how many riders each player can have on their team. You can also choose how many riders each player is allowed to start in their lineup each race.
  5. For Pickem leagues you can only select how many riders each player can have on their team. Every rider on a given team is considered a starter.
  6. Purchase your league 🎉

If you chose a Draft league, you will need to hold your draft offline. Each player should select the riders they want to draft for their team. The number of riders they can draft is determined by the number of riders each team can have.

The league comissioner for Draft leagues will need to enter the draft results by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the League Overview page for your league
  2. Enter the draft results for each player in your league
  3. Click Save Draft Results

Step #3b: Join a Public League

If a Public League is a better fit, then here is how you can join one!

  1. Go here and you will see a list of open public leagues that you can join. Find one that has an open spot.
  2. Click the Join button next to the league you want to join.
  3. You will be taken to an overview page for that public league. There is a message at the top that tells you when the league will be activated.
  4. Wait for the league to be activated. A league is activated immediately when it is full or when there is at least two players in the league at the activation time.

Note: If you join a public league and no one else joins before the activation time, the league is closed. You are automatically refunded your public league balance and you are free to join another league. We only offer accounts one free public league.

Step #4: Play!

Now that you have a league, it's time to play!

Each race weekend you will need to manage your team, set your lineup, add & drop riders, and watch how they perform via our patented Live Scoring.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for guides on how to perform all kinds of actions in your league like adding riders, dropping riders, learning how scoring works, etc.